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Originally Posted by Scouter View Post
When a team is deleted, is it possible to do a dispersal draft for the players who were on that team?
Nope...that's a feature I've wished would be added to OOTP for years.

It's been confirmed by the developer that it's the same as OOTP in that regard.

I always liked the idea of swelling the league too big in the 90s (not that that happend in any league...) and then contracting a few teams in the 00s, but the resulting free agent frenzy just ****s everything up so I tend to just turn to capping my team amounts and result to relocation when things really bottom out.

I will be interested to see if the game has the automatic evolution. It's in OOTP but I have my doubts of it being in FHM...but it's one of those things that I've never really used in a league that I've played in OOTP (I've had it on in a couple sim leagues, and I usually get annoyed by the results). Automatic evolution is the game will automatically relocate teams if they're consistently in financial troubles, tweak the rules, change DL length, etc. It's one of those things that sounds cool in theory...but tends to result in 23 day DL lists (instead of 15...this rule means a lot in baseball and considerably less for hockey), a 27 man roster (41 man expanded), the designated hitter being adopted in the NL (no equivalent for a hockey game), players being free agent basically as soon as they make the majors, and the Chicago Cubs moving to Fargo.

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