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Originally Posted by DegenX View Post
I started to do a multi-quote of posts that covered what I think are key issues, then realized I was going to be quoting pretty much the whole thread.

For me, there are a lot of reasons why I think Bylsma should be replaced, and I've had that opinion for a while now. Most of the points have already been covered:

Inability to adjust in game. Inability to pre-plan. Which ties into the issues with the system itself. Which he's had months to really examine and compare and contrast with what other teams do, what works, what doesn't. I think that's what frustrates me the most. Months to study tape, plan ahead, tweak the system, and here we are.

Lack of accountability, favoring vets because they're vets, mishandling development of players ... and an apparent inability to coach truly talented players.

I've always felt that he more or less walked into the Cup win, but I was willing to see what he'd do to make the team his own. To quote MT 'nod impress'. The window is closing on Sid and Geno's prime, I don't want to give him the rest of this season. But, honestly, I wanted a coaching change last year before the debacle of the playoffs. The only thing that kept me in the 'let's see what happens next year' was because of the possible tensions in the room, that a couple of unhappy players may have been disrupting the overall dynamic, and that once that wasn't a potential issue things might change. And that hasn't happened.

I believe Dave King's contract with the 'Yotes' is up soon ...
Actually, I think the window is opening on Sid's and Geno's primes.

And, you know my feelings on King. Wouldn't mind-- or have minded a few times in the past few years-- Rick Tocchet as an assistant.

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