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Originally Posted by canadianguy77 View Post
There's too much of a "Country Club" atmosphere going on. Mario owns the team, and so that can't come as too much of a surprise. Veterans can play pitifully,(Kunitz) and yet, they know they're not going to be benched. It will always be the younger players who suffer and have to sit up in the pressbox, or get sent back down, and that in turn makes them grip their sticks too tight.

Dan Bylsma isn't a tactician, at least not as much as he believes he is. Just about every coach in the league has him figured out. I don't think he really has a gameplan, other than the "Let's make 'em play our way" rant. I don't think he has the slightest clue as to how to lead this team. Maybe he gives the stars too much reverance...I dunno.

Something has to give. He hasn't done enough with the talent on this roster to keep his job. This team should at the bare minimum, make the Conference Finals, pretty much every year.

And for those of you pointing out his Stanley Cup...remember, that Therrien had his handprints all over that team. That cup wasn't all Bylma's doing. Sure they were playing a more north-south game because of Bylsma, but they were still playing mostly sound, defensive hockey. Things they'd learned from Therrien.
You know, MtlPensFan has a point about the role of fate. In that regard, the expectation of Conference Finals pretty much every year may be a little unreasonable. Then again, the expectation of Conference Finals once in the last three years is NOT, nor is the expectation of more than one second round appearance. When you look at what has gone wrong in those series and you now see the same old ****, there has to be a limit.

I don't think Shero does a **** thing, of course.

Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
You would have said the same thing looking at the roster that won the cup. It is very rare that you have a perfect team, more so with a cap in place.

What defines a good coach/manager, in hockey or business or elsewhere, is to get the most out of your resources. Be that masking deficiencies, creating systems/work flows that suit your players/staff and developing their abilities/correcting their flaws.

Dan Bylsma is not that. He is a bumper sticker. He is an unwholesome diet program where the effects wear off as soon as you stop cheating yourself. If you can honestly look back at the Philly series... or just the game at WPG.... or untold other games where our systematic failures were on full display, and say that coaching is way down our list of problems, you get much, much less about hockey than I otherwise give you credit for.

No offense, but you must be saying this more to suit your past arguments than because this is what you actually see.
I'm at the point where I just feel, at long last, that Sid and Geno deserve the best this franchise can do in terms of linemates AND coaching. They are being shorted in both regards, and it really is a shame.

Question, because it's an argument that's been made: Who out there is a better alternative? By the same token, I do wonder if that should be a question anyway.

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