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Originally Posted by DaDucks View Post
Lol really? U want my attention?

Ya I should just hop on the hate wagon and do whatever the popular thing on these boards is....

Ohh exept I'm not that guy.... You see I hyped dsp for 49 games last year and I'm not going to turn on him after 3 games with a week long mini camp for a 20 year old 2nd year player...

You can bash anyone u want thats cool.. at least mix in an independent thought every 20 posts once in awhile...
Let's clear things up here: Do you really think DSP should be on the 4th line?

If the answer is yes, then I think you need to watch the games more carefully. And don't give me this "It's only 3 games" ********. I watched almost every AHL game this year, and DSP was garbage there as well. He doesn't do anything good right now. Bad defense (as we saw today), not banging bodies like he's supposed to, and has he even had the puck on his stick in the offensive zone this year? Has he won any battles in the corners like he's supposed to do? I haven't seen it.

He didn't deserve the spot out of training camp, and his first 3 games have only reinforced the simple fact that he isn't an NHL player right now. I'm not a DSP "hater". I like him, and I'll root for him to succeed, but he's a negative factor on the ice right now - pretty hard for me to support him in this case. He's been gifted a spot on the Ducks two years in a row now. He needs a wake up call. He didn't deserve it last year, but addmitedly, he did a pretty decent job in a bottom 6 role. This year he didn't deserve it either, and he's been clearly exposed.

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