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01-26-2013, 02:40 AM
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Originally Posted by zhenyas most fly rep View Post
If you can, take a look at their 4th goal against the oilers the other day, it was pretty remarkable, really representative of what they are trying to achieve when on the PP. Even on their 5on3s there's movement!

First unit was Thornton, Marleau, Pavelski, Boyle and Couture.
(won't comment on the second, sorry too lazy)
Pavelski and Boyle are right handed shot.

Boyle most likely at the point or left side.
Pavelski most likely around the crease.
Couture most likely on the left side or high slot.
Thornton most likely down the goal line on the right.
Marleau most likely on the right side or high slot.

but keep in mind that there's a lot of movement with player more often than not rotating, exchanging places, looking to create passing lanes, shooting lanes.

Thornton is obviously their set up man, Marleau more in a role of a shooter in the high slot a la Neal last year. Pavelski creating havoc in front of the keeper, Boyle quaterbacking the PP at the point. Couture giving some options. So you could say they are pretty complementary.

I guess they'd be a proficient unit, even if they were standing still, but add movement(not individually, in unison) and it's a whole higher level. They are moving so much, at one instance Boyle ended up around the net while Pavelski was covering for him at the point.

Unlike the Pens PP which is often overloading the right side, their unit pretty much spread out (even if the puck is obviously more often circulating on the right side)
Of course Boyle is a much better PP QB than Letang and the PKers actually have to respect his shot.
I don't mean to say that movement isn't very important. Of course it is no matter the unit.
But what I say about complementarity is that these guys must all be respected by the opponents D, thus giving each and everyone that extra split second, and as they are all natural PP players with hands for the job, implementing all this movement is that much easier because everyone can move in high traffic areas and give and take challenging passes.

My point is that you cannot do the same with the Pens, and the more we move, the more confused we look and the more Sid and Malkin forces passes to eachother and Neal, because they don't trust the others to keep up. That's what I am seeing at least.

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