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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Nobody would deny that he was the heart of the team for a long time. And I don't expect us to trade him. It goes against the grain to deal away players who are loved and of course the guy has value.

If he plays like his now for the rest of the year he'll be worth even more than a late 1st. Then again if he plays like he is now for the rest of the year and we get back Subban we might make the playoffs....

One other point worth noting here though. Emelin probably doesn't develop last year if Markov is in the lineup, ditto with Diaz. Subban only took on the role he did because there was nobody else. You could make a pretty strong argument that Markov's abscence (while not good for the standings) actually benefited some of the younger prospects looking to crack the lineup and make names for themselves. No way do they get the ice time they did if Markov was around.
How do you know Emelin and Diaz don't develop in the lineup last year with Markov in it? Whether or not Markov was in the lineup, they would've played; they would not play top pairing minutes like he does, and they would still have had a chance to crack the roster considering all the injuries and struggles on defense. They'd still play the same minutes they played last season. In fact, I would argue that with Markov on the roster, our defense would've been much better off last year. Just think how much better Diaz looks this season playing with Markov, compared to last season when he was mediocre for the most part.

Markov alone can improve our entire defense corps, and make every other defenseman better. In no way does Markov's absence benefit anything. His presence alone makes the younger players better. Just imagine what he would be able to do with Subban...

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