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01-26-2013, 03:30 AM
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Originally Posted by GoldenJet89 View Post
i dont know if anyone cares but i thought id offer an outside opinion of tonights game from a jets fan. ive seen three of the pens games this year

theres no denying you have rediculous top end talent. a lot of teams wish they could have any one of sid, geno, letang or neal. it just seems like parts of the rest of the roster is a little dated. certainly not all but some. guys like adams, cooke, martin, were all really good players but just dont seem to fit the mold for this team right now

obviously its still a great team. but i think there needs to be a changing of the guard in a few spots. some fresh blood could go a long way.

another issue is one our teams share.. the 3rd D-pairing is worrisome. As i jets fan i was happy to see lovejoy and engelland on the ice cause that likely meant we would be controlling the play that shift.

either way i think theres a tad of overreacting in this thread. still a top level team that can be a real contender if it starts to click.
Absolutely agree with everything you say here. Hell, I think sometimes Pens fans forget that if you truly look at it, we aren't THAT talented. I know I know, we have the best 2 players in the NHL. I get it. Aside from Neal, no other forward strikes fear into opponents. We have kept the SAME team together since our Cup runs. Guess what.. time to mix things up. Kunitz is getting old, Dups STILL CANT PLAY ON THE 1ST LINE. TK, likewise, is a THIRD LINER. I mean hell look at Winnipeg, let's look at their offense. Antropov, Bumistrov, Kane, Ladd, Little, Wheeler. Any better than our top? No. But they can create plays on their own. They can snipe. They can dangle. We have 3 guys that can do that! Winnipeg's 3rd goal (awful defending from Lovejoy aside) friggen Brian Little does a little dipsey do and makes a beauty of a play. Who can honestly do that on our team except Sid and Geno? Our offense scores in the regular season because of them two. I hate when people bring that argument up, that we score enough goals. (And I'm not saying we don't need a D upgrade as well) Yea, Sid and Geno do. Playoffs come around and if they aren't producing we are toast because nobody else can create. We need legit players in the top 6.

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