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01-26-2013, 03:34 AM
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Last years perk was to see an empty locker room. This years is to spend half a Saturday going to pick up a stick. These are the things people remember when the Bruins struggle for a season and people stop renewing their season tickets.

I live about 90 minutes away and it will cost me easily $15 in gas to get there, plus parking. Probably not going to be worth it for me.

I think the reason people are complaining is that it's one thing after another:

- perk for 2011-12 a year late
- perk for 2011-12 on short notice
- locker room is empty, it's supposed to be the bruins locker room not a room in the Garden with a bruins logo
- guaranteed opening night giveaway item (stanley cup banner) and probably the coolest giveaway item ever being gone 40 minutes before start of game. Glad I had my little card to make sure I got one only to be turned away. The rep at the arena said those "item guaranteed" cards are on a first come, first serve basis. Makes no sense.
- raising ticket prices 25% for a lot of the people in "budget" seats
- no fan reps for a bunch of people
- making people continue to pay for cancelled games
- then being late with every refund
- mistakes with refunds
- no hard tickets, I had to go buy a printer
- jacking up price of parking then selling to us at a "discount", seems deceptive
- short notice about sticks
- inconvenience/cost of picking up sticks on a non game day
- no option on when to pick up stick

This is a pretty poor track record of customer service. To me it is better to offer no perks and let people make a rational decision for themselves vs forcing them to make a decision to earn a perk but then making it a huge pain in the a to receive that perk. They don't have to offer these thing but perks are what people remember when they are asked to renew next time the Bruins have a bad season.

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