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01-26-2013, 03:40 AM
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I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about the finer technical aspects of the game, or that DB's without fault, but people seemed pretty pleased with his coaching at the two-game mark. Has that much changed in the two games since?

I've heard people talk about Bylsma's failure to adjust being his kryptonite against better coaches, but I think if you were to poll most Pens fans, the idea that Carlyle and Noel were better than Tortorella and Laviolette probably wouldn't be held by the majority before now.

The best argument for DB is probably that 5 minute stretch in the 2nd period against the Rangers when we straight Globetrotted them. That's what Bylsma's emphasis on quick transition, aggression, getting the puck deep and making the opponent play in their end can look like when executed well. But when we're making multiple low-percentage cross-ice attempts and drop passes at the opposition blueline? Not so much.

We tease about DB always going back to the "we didn't get to our game" when we lose, but the execution really has looked to be lacking the last couple games. We've been pretty damn sloppy, so...maybe not the best two games to judge?

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