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Originally Posted by BruinSG17 View Post
Last years perk was to see an empty locker room. This years is to spend half a Saturday going to pick up a stick. These are the things people remember when the Bruins struggle for a season and people stop renewing their season tickets.

I live about 90 minutes away and it will cost me easily $15 in gas to get there, plus parking. Probably not going to be worth it for me.

I think the reason people are complaining is that it's one thing after another:

- perk for 2011-12 a year late
- perk for 2011-12 on short notice
- locker room is empty, it's supposed to be the bruins locker room not a room in the Garden with a bruins logo
- guaranteed opening night giveaway item (stanley cup banner) and probably the coolest giveaway item ever being gone 40 minutes before start of game. Glad I had my little card to make sure I got one only to be turned away. The rep at the arena said those "item guaranteed" cards are on a first come, first serve basis. Makes no sense.
- raising ticket prices 25% for a lot of the people in "budget" seats
- no fan reps for a bunch of people
- making people continue to pay for cancelled games
- then being late with every refund
- mistakes with refunds
- no hard tickets, I had to go buy a printer
- jacking up price of parking then selling to us at a "discount", seems deceptive
- short notice about sticks
- inconvenience/cost of picking up sticks on a non game day
- no option on when to pick up stick

This is a pretty poor track record of customer service. To me it is better to offer no perks and let people make a rational decision for themselves vs forcing them to make a decision to earn a perk but then making it a huge pain in the a to receive that perk. They don't have to offer these thing but perks are what people remember when they are asked to renew next time the Bruins have a bad season.
I really couldn't care less about any of those things. I think most on this board who want season ticket and don't have them would gladly deal with that.

No rep- thats fine with me if I have an issue I can call the other rep I've talked to since mine left (Kaitlyn) and I'm sure she'll help me. I know she and the other reps are swamped and work hard. Small issue.
Parking-sucks but at least they collect money when you leave and don't make you wait in the stupid line before/after the game.
Stick-I'm gonna be away and can't pick it up but I don't feel entitled to it, win some you lose some.
25% increase on cheap seats- the team deserves the extra money why should resellers get Bruins tickets for the price of a movie?
Empty locker room-if you cared enough to go to the Garden during the lockout when most wanted nothing to do with the NHL you're a sucker and lucky to get that access at all (no offense to anyone who went on the tour.)
Refunds-they got it right eventually the lockout sucked, its over, we got our tickets and hockey.
No hard tickets- I hate this. BUt honestly I bet if you call the Bruins and ask for hard tickets they'll leave the entire season for you at will call on ticket master printouts. But you'll probably lose the option to forward and print them. As long as they don't pull it next year or playoffs I don't care.

I've been high maintenance in the past complaining about stuff and being late with payments, its a 2 way street I don't need a rep my tickets are working fine I can give a little back and help the team and not care I don't have a rep. And the reps work on commissions...but there is nothing left to sell the product is sold out I am not surprised they're having a hard time getting good people in. Heaven forbid they hire some idiots and then get bashed on here because your new rep is a moron.

I have 3 real beefs much bigger than these that I hope get addressed:

No leg room in my expensive seats bc I have metal folding seats in front of me that go into my knee- what do I do move to worse seats? The lockout ended before I could fully complain and negotiate about this so we'll see what they can do for me closer to select a seat. But I chose to renew these seats knowing they were uncomfortable noone put a gun to my head. I guess I'd rather have uncomfortable seats than something at shoot 1x end.

Crappy food- JJ does concessions at hundreds of arenas in America and all have better food than the Garden. Its just annoying the food is awful. And the restaurants and bars across the street are more overpriced than the Garden (I'll pay 8 bucks for a beer inside instead of 6 in Hurricanes) please improve the food options Mr Jacobs I don't mind spending 15 bucks if I have to rush to the game and can't eat dinner before but I might want something better than a sausage and popcorn.

Playoff pricing going up every round- Oh great, I don't have one friend who can afford 200 bucks to sit in the loge for a Conference Finals game with me (Cup finals different of course for finding someone to go with)...guess I am dropping 4 bills to treat someone if I want to sit downstairs. Yah paying 10 more bucks more per round for balcony seats is one thing but people who stretch their budget and are loyal and sack up and buy loges get it stuck to them when it goes 90-140-190-220 per round. It makes you **** yourself 2nd and 3rd rounds when we have home ice that its going to go the dreaded 7 games and cost a fortune. Raise the price of finals if you want but give loge season ticket holders a break on 2nd and 3rd rounds please JJ.

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