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01-26-2013, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by vitogor View Post
You know, if we are gonna keep playing like this, I'm gonna start looking in Yeo's direction more and more. He has way more skill on the roster than last year, but the team is still incapable of scoring 5-on-5. Seems to be a system-wide problem, up and down the lineup, no matter the personnel.

And the way the Wild came out for the second period? That's 100% on the coaching staff. The team wasn't focused and wasn't prepared to play.

Another example. In the first period, we KILLED them on faceoffs. And then what happened? They adjusted and we didn't, that's what happened. And that's, again, something you can put on the coaching staff.

So those who want to roll their eyes at the notion that Yeo was outcoached, I wouldn't be so quick to do that.
I have been an "sleeper cell" for a couple off years reading this wild board this vitogor post made me finally take the "pen" in use

Vito is on to something big time , the moment parisee came to the bench with an other wild player for the second period they showed it on tv the guys were far too relaxed it was like someone had said to the team "We are weary good now"I actually had a few seconds off thought ,why are wild so relaxed now??
It didn't take one minute before the game started to go down the drain!!!

Wild took 10% away from the gas Detroit added 20% speed and wild got spanked badly. There was a 100% coaching mistake
I have had the opinion all the way that yeo is far too complimentary he's over coaching inside the game ,he needs to learn that words he says are weapons off mass destruction for team effort.The moment you think any nhl game is a walk in the park is the moment you get bullied

In the end Datsyuk was too good wild could have rescued a point but thats it detroit would have won in the shoot out if not before that

Wild was like "team mouse!" for 2 periods
No anger no hunger no punishment from 3-4th lines
Yeos "mind****ing" their own team caused energy levels to drop
The crap performances Cullen and zeto are serving from one night to an other means that they are not entitled to their ice time for long anymore
Wild have both zucker and PMB that can do a job if the 2 cant get their crap together
Koivu is in some kind off and permafrost ice he's not 100% yet actually far from it he's playing like a 3dline grinder on the 1st line only hustles no shots at all

Hopeful signs
The true "baby J" has finally arrived and he's a defender, wild better give him some raw meat to eat or something to get he's physical attributes closer to his skill.Skill vice he's already WILDS BEST DEFENDER in the offensive zone
Granlunds plays could and should have warranted more than one assist

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