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01-26-2013, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I was quite pissed off after that game and just couldn't talk hockey.

Simple stuff... it's hockey 101. Don't turn the puck over. How about... support the ****ing puck carrier. We are making 60 foot passes 24/7. How about a 5-7 foot pass every now and again? A board chip/support/etc.

People can ***** about our roster all they want. Our lineup is freaking great. We need better coaching. Plain and simple. You can switch lines.... it won't mask your **** system.

Any other coach would catch on that TK struggled on his off-wing. Stop putting him in a position to lose the puck. Anyone else would have called a time out against a hostile crowd. It's just a joke anymore. He's not a coach for this team. Bring on the next one.

edit: The passing comes down to one thing - puck support. There is none of it. We are looking for sexy long passes all game. Any good NHLer picks it off. Support the puck carrier.
Coaching and system are the Pens biggest problems but I'll have to disagree that the man power is OK.

There are holes on the first line, second line and in the top 4 D. Those are huge when a team is a target every night like the Pens.

Most of all I hate how middle of the pack this team is. They're not overly offensive, defensive, tough, skilled, mean, big, great on the special teams or fast. This team is stale and it might be all the way up the ranks.

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