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01-26-2013, 06:20 AM
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Originally Posted by bigbadjohn View Post
so, people find this forum and post something. a simple question. no insult at all.

yet the response is so often an insult. i suppose it's good to toughen people up, but it also silences people. yeah, yeah, i hear the response "good."

other than insulting the OP, can you actually respond to the question or let the post die? are we all so desperate to show our snarky wit?

i bring this up because i just read where somone questioned if Seguin's time in Europe was good for him.

Seguin himself mentioned he's going to have to get used to not having the larger ice, etc.

Europe is clearly an offence first league and clearly not the NHL

in Europe, he excelled in those things that come natural to him. it didn't help him enhance the defensive skills that are integral to the Bruins' system. might it have had a negative effect? is it such a ridiculous question at his age and his circumstance? no one was suggested he be traded, etc. etc.

some expected him to come back from Europe and light it up. this poster questioned that assumption. time will tell.
Yep. Europe is definitely not the NHL.

What's that even supposed to mean ?

And of course there are no hits in Europe.

That's why the DEL, for example, had to crack down on headshots recently because more and more players out with concussions really became a concerning issue.

Well, people find this forum and post something. Indeed.

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