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01-26-2013, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Brushhawg View Post
Amen to this! I started a topic the other day and my thinking was that Chris Bourque was getting odd, preferential treatment from Claude including PP and SO as well as a questionable regular shift.

I was laughed at, had my sanity questioned and even accused of having an agenda against Chris Bourque, a young man that I've never even met!

I expected some of this treatment and have noticed that the board is a little "cliquey", if you will. I really am enjoying it so far despite this and have become quite addicted to reading the overall vast knowledge of the folks on this board in general.
In the spirit of fairness, in that thread you accused Claude, and by extension, the Bruins organization, of "having an agenda" no? Ray Bourque using his influence to generate roster decisions?

Again, it's with phrasing. Question Bourque the younger's abilities, fine. People can discuss that with opinions and bring facts, stats, situations to back it up, and there was a lot of that done in that thread by both sides.

The conspiracy theory thing's a little too wacky and none of us have any way of determining if it's even a shadow of the truth....unless 'ol 77 is posting among us. Statements like that are going to draw the ire of some because it's inflammatory by nature.

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