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Originally Posted by VladNYC View Post
That is mighty big of you

I totally understand views likes your's and Peter's but honestly believe that The KHL is the most important project in hockey right now. It requires sacrifice and true bravery, but the mission is worth the risk. In my opinion the organizations, especially the non-Russian ones that took a chance to do something great, are the real heroes of our sport.

The triple integration model of the KHL is the means that will lift European hockey to a height its member organizations will not be able to achieve on their own. The model that will develop in the next 20 years, barring a disaster of some sort, will both grow the sport world wide and bolster the national programs of all its members. We must not put nationalistic barriers in the way of such a project. And while I am as big of a Team Russia fan as anyone, I know the KHL is more important to Russian hockey then having Lada back in the top tier of hockey or limiting the level of play in the KHL so we develop a better back up goalie for our national team.

As time passes and more organizations are integrated into this project, we will see the KHL becoming less and less of a Russian entity and more and more of a fluid federation of European leagues with the best European teams playing there. We will have 3 major important levels of hockey that everyone can enjoy.

The first Tier will be the KHL were the best European Clubs play for the title of European Champion. Call the cup whatever you want if you find Yuri Gagarin, a hero to not just Russians but to all man kind, too offensive.

The second Tier will be the VHL, SEL(don't get angry Swedish posters i am not implying the SEL is a subpar league),SM-liiga,Czech Extraliga, NLA and other domestic national leagues. This is where you set up the type of system to benefit your own national program and domestic hockey. This is where you can set your foreigner limit or domestic goalie games played or whatever. This is how each of the member countries will keep their domestic flavor and not lose their distinct national identities. I'm not for dissolving current teams or making artificial ones. Just for a mechanism for you guys to send your best teams to the KHL to show that your teams aren't just big fish in small ponds.

The MHL will be the third tier and just as important, if not even more so then the other tiers. This will be a European unified junior league. This league will give an opportunity for junior players to stay close to home and not stunt their development by moving to North America. This will also give the junior players of smaller hockey nations an opportunity to play against the best, both raising interest in the sport domestically and bolstering their national teams.

All this needs to be vertically integrated and players need to be able to freely move from one level to another. We are seeing the tip of the spear these days with the development of the KHL and MHL into foreign markets and the results will start showing in a few years.

All we need to do as Europeans is to put away our stupid nationalistic ******** that has done NOTHING but hurt us over the years and believe in the sport we love so much. WW2 ended almost 70 years ago, the USSR collapsed more then 20 years ago time to move on folks.
Great post absolutley agree

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