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Originally Posted by Jussi Trollinen View Post
I'm well aware of that.

What I'm also well aware of is that Tim Duncan is averaging: more Points Per Game (17.5 to 16.7), more Assists Per Game (2.8 to 1.6), is a better 3 Point shooter (40% to 25%), a better free throw shooter (82.6% to 50.3%), less fouls (1.8 to 3.6) and his team is tied for 1st in the West with a 35-11 record. Dwight Howard's Lakers are tied for 12th in the West with an 18-25 record.

Oh and btw, Duncan posted all those numbers averaging 5 fewer minutes a game than Dwight as well and FWIW, Duncan is also 9 years older.

I love that the fans are involved, but the fact that an 18-25 team has 2 starters and Steph Curry didn't even make the damn game is a joke.
If you are well aware of the fact that Dwight is there because of fan voting then why you feel the need to point out Duncan being statistically better is beyond me. I don't see anyone in here trying to talk up Dwight, he's there on fan voting, so there's no argument to kick him out because he can't be, it doesn't matter if Dwight averages 1 point per game, the fans voted him in so he's there. All Star voting is a popularity contest, the stats you've went and pulled up mean nothing, right or wrong that's the way it is.

So if you want Curry in, which one of Harden, Westbrook, Parker are you dropping out for him? the answer of dropping Dwight out does not work sorry. That isn't an option that was available when the team was being selected and Curry missed out. If Curry was to be in, it would be in place of one of those guards selected, so if it's such a travesty that Curry isn't there, then which one of those guards are you cutting for him? or, if you want to add an extra guard, who out of Lee, Z-Bo, Aldridge or Duncan are you dropping out?

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