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01-26-2013, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
There aren't going to be many teams, if any, that will pay that price for Luongo, and Gillis isn't an idiot, he has to know that. This is all part of the negotiations right now and he's set his bar. He knows he won't finish there.

The only team that I can think of that *may* have interest in paying that kind of a price, would be the Islanders. It would involve the Canucks taking on DiPeitro's contract and buying him out using one of their amnesty buyouts. The Isles are also a team that is in good position to give up that kind of value in assets, especially if the Canucks are eating money as part of their deal (DiPeitro's buyout/Luongo's contract). They have a disgruntled top prospect who wants out, and several veteran options with money on their contracts making it easier to move out one (Okposo, Nielsen, Moulson, Visnovsky, Streit).

Might make sense for them to get a legitimate and established starter at this stage, given that they must be done with rebuilding by now, and they have several young players ready to contribute at the next level.

That's probably the only team I can think of that would have interest in Luongo at that price (granted it would come with a big salary buyout and/or eating salary). For the Isles there would be financial benefits as well, which a franchise like that will give value to buying out huge contracts, and taking on a contract where a lot of the money has been paid off... they're also a team that will never play at the salary cap anyways, so to have dead cap space, while paying less in $$ for it, would be a benefit for that team long-term.

Most other teams don't have the prospect depth and being at that stage where they're looking to get to the playoffs now consistently with a good young team on the rise... most teams also won't have the financial motivation to make a deal like this.

And who knows, maybe Luongo will waive his NTC to go to the Island - where he was first drafted and started his career. It's not far from Florida, and I'm sure his wife won't hate the Hamptons.

The package Gillis is seeking is very open to degrees of interpretation. Is Bozak a good roster player? Not by the advanced stats he isn't. Is Kadri a "good" prospect? Sure if "good" implies toiling in the minors for four years hammering out a suspect defensive game. By contrast, TOR's 1st is much more valuable than a lot of the other teams. So there are degrees of separation here between what the "ask" is and the interpretations of that "ask".

I definitely see PHI in the mix at the end of the year (offseason), by having surplus Cs and Laughton just cracking their roster. They can easily give up a late 1st and Laughton if they would so choose. Likewise, FLA has Shore and their likely late 1st. Etc... After that, it's just a matter of coming to an agreement on a mid-level roster piece. Like I said, if you apply your own high definition to "good" prospect and "good" roster player, then you see it as very difficult, and you should. But if we loosen up the terms to start including Bozak/Kadri or Shore (compared to Bjugstad) or Laughton (compared to Schenn/Couturier) then more options become available/palatable.

Personally, I view Bjugstad as a very good prospect. By comparison, guys like Shore and Howden are "good". Perhaps that's clearer?

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