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01-26-2013, 07:05 AM
We'll be back.
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Originally Posted by totalkev View Post

I can see why he bugs people, but his talent is undeniable. This whole team can seriously look like it doesn't give a damn when they're playing poorly. Guys like E. Staal, Pitkanen, Semin, Corvo, Tlusty, Jokinen can seriously look like they're not even trying when they're not playing well. So in that respect, he fits right in.

On a more serious note, we added an elite player to each of our top two lines. It makes sense that it will take some time to develop some chemistry there and the non-existent pre-season didn't help us any. E. Staal and Semin look like they'll be OK once they stop trying to set each other up constantly (E. Staal seems to have gotten over that last night), and J. Staal/Skinner look better every day. The third wheels (Tlusty with E.Staal/Semin) and Dalpe (with J.Staal/Skinner) seem to be good fits, too.

Offensively, the Canes are looking good. Which is good, because they're going to give up around four a night.
Agree with everything except the last line.

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