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01-26-2013, 07:08 AM
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It's funny how people are flaming Malkin.

The refs were tough on the Pens against the Leafs and Malkin/Pens then had the annual "beat the best and then return home and fail against the Leafs/Islanders".

Last night game was just bad bounces all the way. They could and should have wrapped this game up in time and I wonder i Malkin had done so, would people have been flaming him today? Sometimes the pucks don't go in and the Jets just had their fair share of Sabres-luck(the luck they had in their first 2 games).

I do not see any reason to panic or have any reason to point fingers towards the players. As the pucks failed to reach the back of the net for the Pens, then the Jets slowly build momentum and as the began scoring goals, the momentum just got bigger and bigger. Can't really blame the Pens that bad for bad bounces giving the Jets hope and then scoring goals. Also the Pens fear of failure grew as the luck was against them and the Jets kept getting closer to getting back into the game.

Most night the Pens would have had a 3-0 or 3-1 lead after a 2-0 lead. Then Bylsma could have called a timeout, but I guess he liked what he saw. I did, and just waited for the Pens to wrap it up. They didn't and we move on and let the coach work on some of the issues that any team has. No big deal.

The good thing about the Jets beating Capitals and the Penguins? We will get a nice odds, playing on the Islanders to beat them next. Jets can't handle expectations at home and the Islanders usually can play well against opponents, who are expected to beat them by the home crowd, but do not have the advantage in terms of hockey skills to do so. Two pretty even teams and great value betting against the Jets

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