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01-26-2013, 07:32 AM
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i used to get it done 4 to 8 times a month, I have scoliosis that curved my spine more than it should be. I was told if I went there, I could correct the problem slightly and prevent it from worsening/bones from fusing.That was back when the chiropractor initially charged me a student fee of $7/visit, later it went to $20/visit(so I made less visits) and they ran weird hours, but at least he made special times when I could come in. Then a new guy took over. They only operate 16 hours a week(Every weekday morning, 8-11, except Friday which is 8-12 and Tuesday and Thursday 3-6), and the fee has hit $42,oh and the goverment won't even cover any of it like they used to(my insurance covers $250, that's less than 9 visits) and it takes him only about 2 minutes to "adjust me". I figure those little spine bones just pop right back out anyways. I should go again once a month because my insurance does cover much of that at least.

*edit* just realized that at only once a month, I am looking at $500/year, only $250 of which is covered. That doesn't even include the yearly consult exam and x-rays at $120. Oh, and they usually want you at twice a month

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