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01-26-2013, 08:41 AM
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My biggest problem with the system is that its almost an oxymoron. An aggressive zone defense? Really? It does nothing but leave players scambling back into position.

It seems like its hard to play in and way to active. Look at that 3rd goal last night... Engo and Lovejoy are both behind the net, Engo wheels the puck around the boards, Neal make a bad catch and Lovejoy leaves a player open because he's scrambling back to the front of the net. Lovejoy has to pick up that the puck has been turned over, find the man and react.

Its insane how the Pens defense are stitched at the hip and are always caught on one side of the ice, in the same corner or both behind the net. This has been happening since Gogo and McKee were a pairing.

The biggest slap in the nuts is how much stress the Pens have put on PMD's during the draft and at FA time. Whats it done? We don't see an overly great transitional team or even break aways. In the end all they really do is ring the puck around the boards anyway. Scuds and Gill could have done that.

Even in the neutral zone and offensive zone. Everythings about pressure, pressure, pressure... go go go... shoot shoot shoot... I understand that an up tempo game is good but not at the risk of poise, puck management and set up.

I know the seasons 4 games in but these are the same problems we've seen for years with Disco/ Tony G hockey. It used to be that the great coaches like Jaques, Lavs and Hitch would pick it apart but now its being beaten by some bottom teams.

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