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01-26-2013, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by HoseEmDown View Post
Lee hasn't looked good but I wouldn't call him a complete disaster just yet. He's currently the only minus player we have but a couple of goals can't be blamed on him. The penalties need to stop though. I don't think him snd Aulie should be a pair as they both are too aggressive and leave the other in bad position. MAB played less than 6 minutes and most wss in first when we had 4 PP, I'd take Lee who can play in all situations over him. If Mikkelson was a righty im sure he'd be getting more opportunities but it's hard to roll 5/6 L and 1 R.
Some other players need to step up too, Purcell hasn't done anything since the opener, Pouliet has been quite, 3/4 liners have had lots of energy but besides Pyatt haven't given any secondary scoring which is a problem.
Yes, quite.

I noticed BP got some time with the top six though.

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