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Originally Posted by pucky View Post
How popular is hockey in Denmark these days? Has it gained in popularity at all since this many players reached the NHL? Did the country revamp their hockey development system or has it just stayed the same and it's just coincidence that so many got to the NHL?

Sweden and Finland are usually consistent with the hockey talent, wouldn't you say but maybe Denmark is getting more interested in hockey or no?

What's going on in Norway, btw? A population closer to either Finland or Sweden but I can't think of too many Norwegian players in the NHL.
Lets say that after Denmark got players in the NHL danish newspapers discovered that NHL excisted. News about hockey gets mentioned but it's only national team at WC that ever gets front pages.
Denmark does not have a lot of rinks (think it's around 21 at the moment?) so it means that we cant really have more players. What you can do is make sure that the few players you have get excellent practice. Denmark will probably continue producing a few good players all the time - so far we have had 1 drafted player in average the last 10 years. So players in the NHL is no coincidence, but a result of great hockey coaches and passionate hockey families.
The financial crises makes it extremely unlikely that many more rinks will be build, so we are probably fixed at this level (9-14 - Norway, Germany, Latvia, Denmark, Belarus, France) for the foreseeable future. (I rank Slovakia and Switzerland as 7-8).

A danish qualification to the olympics and maybe getting the WC in 2017 will bring more press. A succes there it might spark some investors....if the economics look better in some years.

Norway have none in NHL, but three in KHL (Thoresen, Zuccarello and Haugen). Norway have the same rink problem as Denmark..but with their wintersport culture they could more easily get to Sweden and Finlands level if more of the population caught the hockey bug.

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