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01-26-2013, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Well the pairs and the time on ice need to change for starters. Rome should come into the lineup so we can see what we've got, Benn takes a seat. Start building the pairs from the bottom up.

Bottom pair: Rome-Robidas. Play the least at ES, do not play on the PP.
2nd pair: Dillon-Goligoski. Give Goligoski a bigger, defense-first partner who can deal with people physically.
Top pair: Daley-Larsen. If anyone is going to be able to play minutes and survive it's these guys. Put your best two players together and give them the lion's share of the responsibility. It still may not work out, but at least you're giving yourself a fighting chance.

Try to move Robidas any way possible. The return is immaterial. If successful, Benn returns to the lineup and can play with Rome. If this doesn't happen until later in the season then you consider bringing in Oleksiak.
I'm not sure about bringing in Oleksiak unless it's just for a few games at the tail-end of the season to give him a look at the NHL level. I do, however agree with everything else in this post.

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