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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Has dallas traded jamie benn yet?

Subban will resign,and unless habs get a offer they cant refuse,you never trade him..

If Molson give permission to MB to trade Subban,it's not goona end well with habs fan base...
This is the truth. Subban is signing or sitting. His only leverage is sitting out. And if the Habs can say competitive without him, he's got even less bargaining power.

I really don't get it other than his agent is getting in the way. From Subban's perspective, what s the harm in signing a 2-year contract at a little less than maybe he feels he should get (I know it's speculation that MB is stuck on this but I'm just saying if this IS the case). So what, he signs 2 years at 3.5 million per year. How terrible is that? Pretty decent coin. He knows he will be getting all the opportunity in the world to play top pairing minutes and prove to himself, MB, and the fans that he truly IS the real deal, then when his short contract is up he's perfectly aligned for a long term contact at 5-6 million per year. Still making significant cash for this season and next, then at the ripe old age of 25 he's breaking the bank. With all likelihood he's got another 10-15 years of playing the pro game for wads of cash.

This is why I feel the agent gets in the way. Either that, or PK lacks the confidence in himself and he feels he can't live up to what he's shown to date (which I highly doubt as PK seems to be supremely confident).

At 3.5 million, for this season that puts him below Pleks, Gionta and Cole; Markov, Kabs, Gorges and Price. Is that such a snub? You hear PK saying thathe just wants what he's worth - and who do you think is telling him 'what he's worth'?

Again, it's all speculation what's being offered by MB and what PK is looking for. I take PK at his word that he loves Montreal and wants to be a Hab. I take MB at his word that he wants to keep PK as a valuable member of the team going forward and is not willing to trade him. Both of those statements have the ring of truth about them. The fanbase loves PK, that's a fact. So lets just get a deal done - at 23 years old the management has leverage. With time, that leverage shifts to the player (which is why someone like Kaberle can be playing for over 4 million right now).

So while we wait for news on this, I'm just content to watch a more entertaining HAbs team than in seasons past rather than coming up with possible trade scenarios for PK.

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