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01-26-2013, 08:12 AM
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It was the perfect storm in '09. Since then, we've seen the results. It's not pretty.

Is he a good coach? Yes. Is he the right coach for a team with two uber-talents like Crosby and Malkin? Hell no. I hate the fact he rolls four lines. I hate the fact he wants us to play this grinding game. We're not the Nashville Predators, so why are we playing like them? It doesn't make any sense. Do you think Barry Trotz would adjust his style if Nashville suddenly acquired Crosby and Malkin? Trotz has NO CHOICE but to play a certain style. We don't. We can do whatever we want, but we choose to play this predictable, grinding, bland style that saps all creativity out of the lineup and renders players into robotic tendencies.

I also hate the fact teams around the league seem to be going back to the enforcer role, but Bylsma rolls four lines with two of the greatest players in the game in his lineup. I hate the fact that Despres isn't developing. Tangradi isn't developing. We have precious few options. This isn't all on Bylsma. Shero hasn't helped him enough. Shero hasn't broken away from the Nashville model enough, and it compounds the problem.

I laugh when people talk about the "talented Penguins", or call playing against us a "track meet". We come out of the gate strongly most nights. We flash our two best players early. Then, we take a lead and it's grind, grind grind. This is not only losing hockey, but it's also very unentertaining. Which is hard to do with our lineup.

We need fresh ideas. We need some newness to this roster. We need something to change. Because we're not winning anything with this current setup.

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