Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers win 2-1: Overcoming Adversity.
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01-26-2013, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
I'm a little surprised that we all aren't a little bit more excited about what happened last night. Yes - I know we're excited, but we should be even MORE excited.

We're witnessing the transition of a young team from doormats to contenders. It's what we've been waiting for after years of tanking, and it's happening right before our eyes. We've all dreamed of the kinds of epic feats that are about to happen on a nightly basis here, and now the dreams will slowly become reality over the next two to three years.

I suspect a lot of us are still in eternal pessimism mode, just waiting for the other shoe to drop and the rebuild to blow up. And hey, that still might happen. But we should enjoy the journey, because that's what makes the destination so much more gratifying in the end.
I'd go the other way - most of us were over the moon, but don't really want to be branded as braggarts by visiting fans of other teams. Message boards by definition are more about gripes than boasts, as people are more apt to celebrate with friends instead of online.

I saw more people out and about in Oilers jerseys yesterday than I have since the 2006 run. Some actual Oilers pride from a fanbase that has had its face shoved in the mud after each and every glimmer of hope in the last six years.

That said, it was one game. One game after a 6GA first period. I think we're all hopeful but grounded in reality.

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