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01-26-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by ITM View Post
You preface objection to my attitude and accuracy by stating the trade is distorted in valuation...Which is in fact, my contention. The vague application of statistics was intentional given the informality of the thread. If the OP's thread required an appropriate and comprehensive statistical analysis, one would have been provided. That it wasn't, well, deduce according to preference.

When and if urgency presents itself in like situations, please, correct when and where necessary. But next time, in addition to providing appropriate correction, do so in authentic objection by excluding a preface of agreement to the counter claim. It lends credence to the notion that you actually have a substantive disagreement and not merely a frivolous one.

If my attitude towards another poster's lazy reasoning offended your sense of comradery in obtuse characterizations...Mea culpa.
It's cool to be clever (trust me - I know), but points can, and often are also awarded for readability. Are you a paralegal by chance?

To the OP, from a statistical point of view Kulemin may not be regarded as highly around the league as he is in Leafs land, but he is a defensively responsible player who's willingness to 'muck it out' for the puck creates scoring chances for his linemates. He is on my short list of players that I would be devastated to see go.

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