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01-26-2013, 09:29 AM
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Free agents sign for one of three reasons:

Financial - The CBJ have signed guys because they over pay or give an extra year or two - guys like Wiz and Adam Foote. These guys have had success in the NHL but are no longer "elite". They may be a real good complimentary player ona good team, or may be a good player on a bad team, either way this guy wants his money and security. Doesn't mean he is a selfish player just means he's been good enough to get a big offer and he wants to cash in. Probably most of these guys have the ego to think thewy can turn things around.

Ice/Playing Time - Other guys might sign with the CBJ as an opportunity to play in the NHL or get a 1 way contract or play on a top pairing. A guy like Todd Marchant who was viewed by every other team as a 3rd/4th line C gets the opportunity to be a top line C. These guys may be older and looking to break out from his role, he may be younger and looking for an opportunity, or may be a guy who has been shuffling between the AHL and NHL for a few years. His goal is not winning but trying to prove himself.

Winning - This is the guy we can't attract. The guy in the prime of his career that wants to play for a cup. He wants to make a fair salary but won't go to a bad team for more money or more years, or the ability to get more time on the ice UNLESS he truly thinks they are going forward (getting better).

That's the 3 reasons 98% of players go to a team. There are others (hometown team or the wife wants to be somewhere) but even in those situations they still usually fit into one of the categories above. Just because we have JD doesn't mean guys will want to come here unless we offer more money or more playing time.
What JD can help do is get the team playiong better so free agents would be able to say "hey look these guys have bone from 15th, to 11th and they are becoming a good team. They play the way I play and I think I fit in there. I can go there and we can be a playoff team".
bottom line we won't be able to attract top tier talent via free agency until we show we can win. Once we show we can win then we can find the right peices to throw us over the top, but we've never been to that place yet. Immediately after our playoff year the players had their mutiny and refused to play for Hitch and got him fired. That was the only time we were close, and ownership sided with the players instead of the one guy who turned us around.

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