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Originally Posted by SK13 View Post
Metroid Prime is almost universally considered one of the best games of the aughts, and maybe one of the best games of all time. Which game is better, Super Metroid or Metroid Prime, is a legit debate and I fall on the latter side of it.

I think they were FANTASTIC at making a Metroid game. I just don't know that they have the right people in place to continue that work.

I feel like, because of when they were released, people overrated Super Metroid and Link to the Past when subsequent 2D entries have surpassed them and 3D entries have buried them.

Doesn't really matter anyway, every indication we have is that they're working on a New IP.
Time to reply, first to you

Super Metroid is consistently viewed as one of the top games of all time (if not the top) and it, along with Castlevania created an entire genre of exploration/adventure game (also known as Metroidvania). Prime bombed hard in Japan, and because the story matters so little to the overarching game plot, it's viewed as a good (and I really like the prime games) attempt at trying something different with the series.

Prime 1 only sold 2.82 million units, and in comparison, Super Metroid sold 1.4 (not counting Virtual console sales, which are another 500k+) back when it came out, when gaming was a lot more niche.

What game is "better" is a legit debate, but what game had a bigger impact on gaming isn't. And that's part of it with Super Metroid, in addition to how the story resonated with some people to the point of making them cry, topped off with how Super Metroid helped popularize (although unintentionally) things like sequence breaking and speed running.

The problem is, unless someone played the old school SNES games at the time they came out, it's really hard to make the jump from 3d back to 2d without being a little bit biased about things like graphics.

It's not really a debate though, you'd be hard pressed to find any critics top games of all time that ranks Prime over Super. Are there other metrics to measure game quality? Sure, but that's the easiest one to point to as tangible.

But I digress, this is about Nintendo, but Metroid to me (and to a lesser extent Zelda) are good examples of Nintendo franchises going through growing pains (in the case of Zelda, it made the jump to 3d fine, but it's becoming a little too formulaic) and Nintendo trying to solve them while keeping the fans happy.

Retro did a fine job with Prime, it's just not the game the fans of the originals tend to want (due to story writing fumbles mostly from Nintendo itself and being a series of games outside the main series). There's nothing innately WRONG with the Prime series, they are good for what they are and I love to play them, but I want Nintendo to finally finish Metroid Dread and carry on with the story.

The bigger problem is that the Metroid ship captain is gone, and Miyamoto and Sakamoto don't belong anywhere near the franchise. I'd honestly rather they shelf Samus for awhile and get her right than to keep screwing with her.

Sakamoto wrote the story in Fusion just fine, but it was meant to be a culmination of ideas that came before it, so maybe it was easier to write than say, Other M. And for the thought that Metroid doesn't have an extremely deep lore and story, it does, and has since Metroid 1, but it's in supplemental material or nuanced instead of outright said. (This is something Retro actually did right in the Prime trilogy, writing about how the Space Pirates are terrified of the coming apocalypse, and then you find out that apocalypse is Samus)

To bring it back onto topic, this is a challenge Nintendo will have from now on. As the casual crowd comes and goes, they have franchises (namely Zelda and Metroid) that need to evolve in order to come up to modern video game standards of story telling. They've done okay I guess with Zelda, and Mario doesn't need much of a story, but franchises like Star Fox and Metroid need a bit more depth to help them out. Nintendo is terrible at making mature games (except for maybe Eternal Darkness), so I think they will continue to struggle a bit but will figure it out eventually.

Miyamoto is a genius, and has done more for gaming than I ever will, but his insistence that game story is irrelevant and gameplay is king is slowly making him (and Nintendo to a lesser extent) slide down a slippery slope, especially when other game developers have proven that you dont need to sacrifice gameplay for the sake of story in this day and age. And this ties into a decade long problem with Nintendo, where they sometimes focus too much on mass appeal and they forget about their hardcore gamers, which are the lifeblood of any console.

With all that said though, their latest announcements were a step in the right direction, I just hope when E3 rolls around they are truly ready with the big guns (and they imply they are), because if they aren't, they'll largely get drowned out by Sony and Microsoft announcing a billion things.

I'm more optimistic about the Wii U now though than I was at launch.

Oh- And Retro is working on Star Fox, that or Donkey Kong Country. There was talk of a Metroid and Star Fox mashup game, but I hope Nintendo killed that idea.

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