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01-26-2013, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Roy View Post
You guys are so funny.

Sure 5M$ is low but PK has to learn that he isn't bigger than the team. He has some attitude issues to solve and he needs to mature if he wants to reach the next level. He is already a great defenseman but he tends to make some mistakes. Don't get me wrong, the potential is definitely there but he needs to stop acting like he was the second coming of Orr.

You want to be a superstar PK? We want it too.
Prove it and you will get the contract you deserve.

I wouldn't go higher than 2.75M$ per. I might be an idiot like Bergevin is right now... Come on guys!
What the heck is wrong givin him the long term he wants?

Tell me what is wrong with 6yrs

3.0 yr1
3.9 yr2
4.5 yr3
4.5 yr4
5.5 yr5
5.5 yr6

The contract becomes a deal....Screw a bridge deal

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