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01-26-2013, 09:53 AM
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I try to avoid to speak about things that are happening behind the scenes, since we dont really know whats exactly going on, but i feel that i need to say that :

-A bridge deal doesnt make a lot of sense for a team like ours in this situation.
We cant be very competitive during the years when Subban's contract will be under his actual value. If we simply sign him long-term, at something around 4.5M$ per year, we are probably already under-paying him, and thats for more than 2 years, including seasons where we could have a decent shot to get past 2 rounds in PO.

And i dont see why they are treating him like that. Subban have almost nothing left to prove. He was a above average #1D for us last year. Even in a difficult year, he was playing at a very high level, especially on the penalty kill.
(Which is quite contradictory with the narrative : Subban is a great puck-moving defenseman with holes in his defensive game)

Pacioretty was coming off a serious injury, Price was still a question mark considering the difficult year he had behind Halak.
And both these contracts were signed by the previous management.

Is this a matter of organizational philosophy ?
Well, i havent looked very deeply, but i doubt there is a lot of teams that were willing to do such a thing in the recent past with their young core players.
In fact, i doubt there is one.
Is that innovation ? Well, innovation that doesnt make a lot of sense from an economic point of view, in such a environment, is really hard to consider as innovation as much as poor management.

Unfortunately, considering how low is the salary offered according to several journalists, it seems that there is a massive underestimation about Subban's talent. And if you trade him, since you underestimate him, you'll be ripped off.

Anyway, there is just too much idiots around. The "Subban feels bigger than the team" and the "attitude problems" tirades, like Dr Gonzo's article said, are at least showing who doesnt have any clue.

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