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Originally Posted by rune74 View Post
I think I posted talking about the rumor twice, and it was back in june because he wanted to explore florida trade options. Talk about going over the top in trying to paint a picture. Reports of you leaving were greatly exaggerated it seems.

You may want to look up the word gospel.
Again, i'm only here to combat the Leaf bashing. I'm taking your word that Luongo isn't going to waive here.

And for the record, you have brought up the Luongo won't waive for TO statement a few times in this very thread....unless i stepped into a time porthole...this ain't June.

The funny thing is, you state is as fact, then tell me i should leave. So i did. Low and behold....i look in here this morning and what team is still getting ridiculed for "letting Luongo get away"?

Admit it, you say you want the Leafs to walk away (which i believe they have), but deep down you know that if that happens....the likelyhood of getting any value for Luongo becomes that much lower.

Oh wait...unless we wait for Gillis' mystery team and the mystery player that needs to be taken care of.

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