Thread: Proposal: take pity on noobs
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01-26-2013, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Open Ice View Post
Really happy for this thread. Makes so much sense to fight for higher standards.

This might be a small point, but I'd like to advocate that we all remove or at least think twice before whipping out:


& most especially

These emoticons in place of language are the highest form of laziness. It kills discussion and makes you seem like a serious a-hole. Challenge the idiocy by modeling your sharp, message board-experienced brain in favor of these horrible, soul-crushing faces. Challenging people to be better won't always work, but at least you're aiming toward something more community-based. Or something.
You have a point.
I'll try to avoid the "negative" emoticons from now on. But then my post with emoticons wasn't nearly as unpolite, ignorant or lazy as the deleted response from the OP without.

Well, no hard feelings, somebody might just have had a bad start into the day.

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