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Originally Posted by InformTheMasses View Post
wow. Expectations pretty high around here. 4 games in (2 Wins and 2 losses) and we need to break up the first line to get JT going?

Over analyzing 1 game is a big mistake. I mean honestly, after playing an up and down game last night in Toronto, then flying to Boston to play a game against a rested Bruins team with Seidenberg and Rask in the line-up, And Dipietro getting his first NHL start in over 13 months, what did you all expect?

I know Games 2 and 3 fired everyone up, but seriously it was against Ben Scrivins and Anders Lindback. Along with defenses that are about as soft as you are going to see in the NHL.

The kids are showing promise, let them grow. JT had an off night,big deal it happens, welsome to the world of Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara. There aren't many guys who make them look bad. Doesn't mean the line has to be blown up. My one criticism of the first line is their lack of forcheck. The other Islander lines all have fantastic forecheckers, especially the Aucoin/Ullstrom line. If team don't wise up and put good puck moving defenceman out against them, they will wreak havoc and put pucks in the net on a regular basis.

Grabner and Nielson are also excellent on the forecheck. JT needs an ultra aggressive forechecking winger with him to help create pressure on the opposition in the other zone.

Try and have a little patience, we aren't going to score 7 goals a night, especially not against the Bruins. ALso keep the expectations low, most of these guys are still kids, and wont play perfect every night, this team has a long way to go, before it can be mentioned in the same sentence as 'playoffs', which I have seen thrown around here. Enjoy the ride, I saw things I liked from almost everyone out there at some point tonight, but I also saw some things I didnt like from mos everyone out there... EVEN AUCOIN (though he was pretty damn good tonight)!
Have patience Just have patience guys! Only 4 more lottery finishes and THEN we'll be more than just kids.

Seriously, the excuses are incredible with this organization. My take? We were tied 2-2, even had a lead, I wanted a god damn point from the game.

But winning is secondary to contracts here. That's why we lost. The 3rd Boston goal where Dipietro was on his knees like a 2 cent hooker was HIS FAULT. Nabokov doesn't let a wrist shot from chara in. I'm sure neither do 15 other goaltenders in the league.

But DP does, he's been doing it since he's drafted. The 4th Bruins goal? Nah, you're not getting a big save from this guy.

Play DP, and you'll lose everytime. We've seen this for 5 years now, on an off, when this ****ing loser is in net.

So, there's your patience. Shove it.

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