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01-26-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by rumrokh View Post
I don't remember it word for word, but in a radio interview just following the trade, Armstrong talked about how the trade developed. He and Sherman are friends and at various times since the beginning of the season, over dinner or whatever, they had talked about a trade between the Blues and Avalanche. Apparently Sherman eventually expressed admiration of/interest in EJ and was shocked that Armstrong was open to it. He was also apparently surprised that Shattenkirk was the dealbreaker. Armstrong said absolutely no deal if they weren't getting Shatty. As complimentary of Stewart as Armstrong was in that interview, he didn't indicate the same about Stewart.

It makes me think that each side saw a different player as the key component; and even though Stewart had absolutely torn up the Blues to that point, it's possible Sherman offered more than Armstrong needed to agree.

Plus, there are other indications that Armstrong came very prepared into that deal: 1. He saw Shatty a lot as Cole's US National Development partner, and 2. based on the conditions of the pick swap, look at the top 10 draft choices in 2011, and then who was chosen from 11th overall to when the Blues got Rattie and Jaskin in the 2nd. Some great players in the top 10, only a couple standouts after that, otherwise a ridiculously even field.
EJ is still a good player and Stewart has been the definition of up and down, but there are a lot of signs that you're right about what Armstrong knew and Sherman possibly did not.
I was just a fan at the time. Hockey fan (DRW fan to be precise)

EJ was a former 1st under performing in St.L. (I could see why he could be traded)

Stewart had alot of goals that year (or previous year) for Colorado but also broke his hand a few times in fights.
Shattenkirk was emerging as a pretty good point producing defenseman.

When i heard the deal, I couldn't believe it. I thought Colorado was going to regret it.
So far I would say both stewart and shattenkirk have continued to improve since colorado, and EJ continues to be an underperforming first rounder. Colorado losses the trade HUGE!

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