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01-26-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by FinnHab View Post
No my sir. We are talking numbers, tell me what u think is reasonable salary for Subban?
This is talking numbers? LOL

Originally Posted by FinnHab View Post
******* off that greedy Mr Center of the Universe. Trade him and move on, he aint Bobby Orr.
Get real. You were just taking a baseless shot at Subban and you know it.

If you want to talk seriously, I think he's worth more than $2.5M that's apparently being offered.

Not quite a $5M d-man yet, but I think once his bridge contract is over he'll probably be worth more than that, so the bridge contract is actually counter-productive long term when it comes to saving cap space.

Unless he regresses, in which case the bridge contract may be a good call, but I sincerely doubt that happens. So far, bridge contracts have usually ended up costing us more (Gorges, Plekanec, Price).

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