Thread: Post-Game Talk: 1/25/13 - Wings beat Wild 5-3
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01-26-2013, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by THEALLKNOWING View Post
Since I am 6'4" and 230 lbs, I would have no problem with some guy my size trying to cream me. They had just better be ready to get something in return. the only problem I would have is age, since all of these players could be my sons.
Well, imagine that another you is trying to cream you to the boards at high speed. The velocity is insane. Then imagine that you'd be the size of Spurgeon. I'm 6'1" 220, so I'm not a small guy either, but I'd be tossed around the rink easily. That's why I've got tremendous respect for Spurgeon.

Originally Posted by THEALLKNOWING View Post
Also, I kind of think the reason Fletcher went after Suter, was not to protect Spurgeon.
I don't remember mentioning anything like that, but I assume you're referring to the comment I made about clearing the crease. Of course Fletcher is not going to sign a 7,5 mill D-man just to protect Spurgeon. He is a long-term asset, but he is also more defensive and bigger than Spurgeon. As long as they're paired, I'm expecting Suter to clear the crease and do the dirty work. He is more effective at that than Spurgeon, who on the other hand is good at getting the puck out of the zone and blocking the passing lanes.

Originally Posted by THEALLKNOWING View Post
Finally, I understand your love for Spurgeon, since he appears to be your favorite. I try to look at it realistically, and what is going to make this team a Cup contender.
I understand, but try to explain it a bit better next time. You were pretty harsh towards Spurgeon and you really didn't explain your reasoning at all. And he really isn't bad defensively at all, he is doing all the right things that he's capable of. It's the combination of good D and great O that makes him such highly regarded inside the organization as well as in my eyes.

He is very similar to Sami Vatanen in my eyes, only slightly slower but better defensively.

And sorry for going a bit overboard on you. It's just frustrating that I've had similar discussions with another member just recently. Thankfully, you don't seem as thick-headed.

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