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01-26-2013, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Hipietro View Post
..and if we win tomorrow night you're going to act like we're the best team in the universe.
Smart comments aside, I act in hysteria on here because it's a message board. and I can. doesn't make it right, but sometimes it's good to create discussion based on hyperboles. It's fun. I don't take it as seriously as apparently you do.

On real terms, you can't defend the notion to have patience when we could have had a point last night. That's what teams who take the next step do. It was there for the taking. But the 2nd and 3rd Bruins goals were so freaking soft.

Charman soft. DP is a disgrace and he's embarrassing himself, and the Islanders by trying to play hockey at this point in his pathetic, futile career.

But like I said, winning is secondary to contracts on Long Island. We all know it, that's why when we win, the highs are higher because we know we win in spite of what Snow and Wang do to this fanbase.

Thank god we have Nabby in tomorrow. That's all I'll say. I have 0 respect for TP. I think he's comedic gold and I doubt there's a single person in that lockeroom with respect for a guy who can't make a pad save on Campbell when he puts a wrist shot on the ICE in a hard faught game. Did you see TP's reaction to the shot? He reacted after the puck had been in for 4 seconds. For ****s sake, it's a WRIST SHOT, ON THE ICE. FROM CAMPBELL. HE WAS BARELY AIMING. GET YOUR PAD ON THE DAMN ICE.

This is insane.

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