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01-26-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by deeshamrock View Post
Well said.

And I've followed hockey for over 40 years and always entertains me how easily some so called 'fans's hit the panic button and want their stars heads on platter.
Times may change but some things don't. There's always gonna be some fans that don't understand that it's full season. Bad start and they want coaches fired, top players traded. 'insert name of star top 6 player' sucks....yeah okay after 3 games without camp.
This is a very good team. most of them havent' played in 7 mos, and had no training camp. Seen the Rangers lately? They're piss poor too, so are the Flyers, and other teams. Some teams got off to great starts, but that won't last for 45 odd games in 90 days. They'll hit their ruts in the road as well and have to work around injuries.

This is the same team that went 29-9-3 from March on, dominating other teams. The same top two centers that no other team could match down the middle that dominated thru all 4 series. The same great goalie, the same shutdown defense. No othe Cup team in recent memory has hte luxury of having their whole team back.


Get grip, get a real hockey IQ and let them play their way thru it.
Prior to game 1, I had them 3-3 in January due to no camp. They'll get their timing back, get their legs back, get the W's.

What killed them the last 2 games was the lack of PP scoring, their 5 x 5 was okay. That lack of PP successi the area that is glowing red right now. From losing the faceoffs and having to start from their own zone ,to (other the MR who moves all the time) not enough moving around . I watched some of the games last night and the PP's that were effective had their 5 moving and rotating, keepijng the other team out of position.

Stop the panic alreadly, this team is fine.
I agree, but also the teams like the little oilers are in mid season form, especially the young guns playing in the AHL together. Most of our guys are still in preseason form, Kopitar just back from injury etc. You definitely can tell the difference with players getting gassed in the third. The guys that have been playing definitely have the advantage this soon in and these games are important given the shortened season, but each game will get better. You already see Quick ironing out the kinks after the first few games. The PP has been an recurring issue, but hopefully they can rectify something there as well.

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