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01-26-2013, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Antithesis View Post
All, all I ever see here is an endless stream of entitled complaints. What it has to do with Stepan, is that he is the single best center iceman we have drafted and produced since Savard. But, when times get tough in the NYR organization, fans turn to try to attack individual players including Stepan, simply because they themselves just can't handle the fact that for the first week of the season, the team didn't play as well as they expected.

People need to learn to follow a team. There doesn't need to be a scapegoat. You don't need to scream at a guy you don't like, or ask for the coach to be fired. The fact that we have threads going at half of this team's roster right now is comical bordering on embarrassing.
Points wise yea he's produced about as good as any though he did get many years in college so that does influence the comparison.

I always personally really liked Anisimov more that's just me and I wish we had traded Stepan instead. I worry that he's not making improvements he should be and does not contribute enough around the ice. As always though I admit i'm limited in my hockey knowledge and tho many share my thoughts on this I admit I may be missing things. I always hope to be wrong too when it comes to criticizing a ranger player. Stepan has certainly made great plays and is a tremendous lplayer in many ways to make it this far but I hope he becomes more noticeable and helps us win more.

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