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01-26-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by TheCanasianfrasian View Post
G Carbonneau and Renlavoie are the only two people who have advanced numbers.

Meehand said in reply to Carbo "I don't know how Carbo would have come into this privildged info"

MB has also said he will not negociate in the media.

I'm sure we have no idea what the numbers are. I wouldnt be surprised that MB is offering 4.5-5M on a 2 year term and that Subban wants up to 6-6.5M per.

Lavoie has a respected name and I doubt is about to throw **** to a wall and hope it sticks. If he's saying that's the offer he was given the information by someone he trusts. This isn't some Eklund or *************** nerd, odds are it's pretty accurate.

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