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01-26-2013, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
If you sign him to an 8 year deal now, you are getting ALL of Subban's best years all the way to age 31. And by that time, Subban will have played all his pro career here, he would likely want to resign if we wanted him longer.

Yeah that one never made sense to me. Didn't they watch hockey games last season, can't they go back and watch the tapes ? Why do they need to observe him from up close ?

If you're speaking of attitude in the locker room.. that's still not a good reason. For one, PK will mature over time if his attitude is not right. Secondly, you can't have everyone be exactly the same in a locker room. They're supposed to be professionals and get over differences in order to achieve the common goal of winning. Thirdly, if it really is a problem you work on it, or if you can't then you deal the player. He won't lose his value because someone somewhere will think they can make him work in their system.
Also it's good to take into account that MB came from Chicago management where they re-signed Kane to a long term deal after he punched a cabbie in the face over 14 cents and gets drunk 3/4 of the nights in the week.

If attitude was a problem it sure wasn't before.

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