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01-26-2013, 10:56 AM
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[QUOTE=General Granny;58327229]Has anyone else noticed that Simpson has gone full ****** mode with his opinions and views, the ideas and **** that come out of his mouth have become unbearable. I use to look forward to his stuff over MMcGuire in the morning but the last month or so the quality has dropped, he keeps pushing his agenda and opinions on everyone at anytime , especially on people he's interviewing.

I also enjoyed Simpson when he first arrived to 1200 but am getting a little tired of his self adulation as a former NHL front office guy.
Can't deny this gives him some credibility because he had access to the so-called "inner circle" and the stories can be entertaining most of the time.
As long as he is not afraid to ask the tough questions and push the envelope I'll keep listening. Stick to hockey though!

I've never heard anyone laugh at their own jokes sooooo much!

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