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01-26-2013, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs8517 View Post
Im saying that it is a factor why the Habs have not signed him. Ever wonder why so many of his teammates hate him ? There is jealousy and racism. He is the first that will defend a teammate but they dont do the same for him. Heck he even took the fall last year for the bad plays by the veterans on this team, getting benched for no good reason and even have to apologize for celebrating.

He was dominant the moment he stepped on the ice in the NHL, the veteran players in the league cant and wont accept that a young player and especially a black one is making them look foolish and will be a superstar. That is why the media are always on his case, stalking and magnifying everything he does, they want to ruin his career.

You know when there is racism when you have been victim.
I must admit that it's really what it feels like to me also. Not Bergevin being racist but Subban's "attitude" problems. Everything he does is magnified like crazy. We hear he is annoying to be around but never any specifics on anything wrong that he does. In the mean time he is polite in the medias, and always says the right things and never really given me reason to believe he is a headcase. Maybe his demeanor changes a lot once in the privacy of the locker room away from cameras but I somehow find that to be unlikely.

He's a black young man who is exuberant and has gotten a lot of love from fans and sponsors. And it has to rub some players the wrong way. Him being black certainly helps magnifies some of the negative reactions I'm sure.

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