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01-26-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post

I have 3 real beefs much bigger than these that I hope get addressed:

No leg room in my expensive seats bc I have metal folding seats in front of me that go into my knee- what do I do move to worse seats? The lockout ended before I could fully complain and negotiate about this so we'll see what they can do for me closer to select a seat. But I chose to renew these seats knowing they were uncomfortable noone put a gun to my head. I guess I'd rather have uncomfortable seats than something at shoot 1x end.

Crappy food- JJ does concessions at hundreds of arenas in America and all have better food than the Garden. Its just annoying the food is awful. And the restaurants and bars across the street are more overpriced than the Garden (I'll pay 8 bucks for a beer inside instead of 6 in Hurricanes) please improve the food options Mr Jacobs I don't mind spending 15 bucks if I have to rush to the game and can't eat dinner before but I might want something better than a sausage and popcorn.

Playoff pricing going up every round- Oh great, I don't have one friend who can afford 200 bucks to sit in the loge for a Conference Finals game with me (Cup finals different of course for finding someone to go with)...guess I am dropping 4 bills to treat someone if I want to sit downstairs. Yah paying 10 more bucks more per round for balcony seats is one thing but people who stretch their budget and are loyal and sack up and buy loges get it stuck to them when it goes 90-140-190-220 per round. It makes you **** yourself 2nd and 3rd rounds when we have home ice that its going to go the dreaded 7 games and cost a fortune. Raise the price of finals if you want but give loge season ticket holders a break on 2nd and 3rd rounds please JJ.

No leg room in my expensive seats- You should have gone to select a seat event and moved your location...there were several options of pairs in the loge available. This is one of the best perks they offer imo. I will be disappointed when this eventually goes away.

Crappy food- I'm no world traveler, but I've been to enough venues to know that the Garden food is average for a 10-20k seat venue. Definitely nothing special. But definitely not as disgusting as you make it out to be. I understand you saying it is awful if you have high expectation for fast food at large venues. But it is not WAY below average. And it is a far stretch to say it is the absolute worst in all of Jacobs hundreds of venues.

Playoff pricing going up every round- We are in an elite sports market. We are an original 6 team. We won the Cup within the last two years. The secondary market last year, going into the lockout, was arguably at the highest point in the history of the franchise. When you take all of these things into consideration, your 90-140-190-220 is a deal. You don't like it? Sell em and make some money. So your biggest complaints are the 2nd and 3rd rounds at 140 and 190? Have you looked at what the team charges for premium regular season games for average loge seats? Your 140 and 190 are regular season box office prices in many cases. I was hanging out with a friend last Monday afternoon before the winnipeg game having beers. He has an 11 game plan. It turned into a 7 game plan for this year. His pair of seats are in loge 19 row 9. His 11 game price was $130/per. Your complaining about paying $10 more for a SECOND ROUND playoff game than he pays for a weekday matinee game. If there wasn't a lockout, he would have had to also pay $130/each for a pre-season game Nice huh? Your $140 for an intense playoff game sounds pretty good now doesn't it?

I'm obviously playing devil's advocate here.

We all have our things as a STH we're unhappy with. I'm far more frustrated with the items you could "care less about" than any of the things you said really bothered each their own. The one thing we can probably agree on, is that they should be under promising and over delivering. They won't do this though. Just like the sticks, they tend to gear their promotions more towards a bait an switch. They dangle something desirable in front of you. Once you've committed and they have your business, they tell you after the fact you need to bend over backwards to get your perk. And yes, I do feel that giving us seven days notice and making us drive 100+ miles one way in to the city on a non-game day to pick up our promised stick, is making us bend over backwards. They have every right to do it. There is a wait list. We shouldn't feel entitled to anything besides tickets. Both of these are true. But it does;t mean they should over promise and under's just bad business practice. And when the tickets hype/frenzy finally ends (like is for the Sox right now) STH are going to throw it back in their faces and tell em to get F'd.


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