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01-26-2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh28 View Post
No, it's honestly not even close. In the offseason, if my memory serves me correctly, you proposed JVR for Mike Green; no add ons on either side. Flyers fans rejected that trade.

We subsequently traded JVR one for one across for Luke Schenn. While I think the Flyers could've gotten slightly more for JVR and didn't love the trade, the difference in value there isn't Brayden Schenn, nor does Brouwer + Perreault = Brayden Schenn, so this trade is even worse than your previous attempt.

Also, rather than attempting to look at 4 games this season (since Green conveniently had 2 points today) or attempting to arbitrarily cherry pick stats, let's just look at Green's last 82 games, the vast majority of which were played on teams that made the playoffs. During those last 82 games, Mike Green has 10 goals and 19 assists for 29 points. Not bad, but is that anywhere near good enough to justify the return you're talking about? No.

Also, Mike Green's quality of competition seems to show that he hasn't been used as a #1 defenseman for several seasons now.

Mike Green might've improved his defense, but he's still a liability. So if he's not scoring points, he's not all that valuable. And even when he's been healthy, he hasn't been putting up the totals that he used to and he likely never will again. And the second key thing there is the phrase "when he's been healthy", because he's missed more games than he's played the past 2 years and I'm pretty sure he himself described his groin problem as "chronic".

And all that brings me to his massive 6M+ cap hit. That's an awful lot of cap to use up on a guy w/ injury problems and who hasn't been all that productive these past few years even when healthy.

So yeah, it's a pretty solid no from the Flyers, as I said in my first post.
lol the caps never offered Mike Green for JVR and Green never used the word "chronic".

The value is definitely close and he is not a liability.

Mike Green clearly will return to his old form and has been playing pretty well this season and has been one of our better players.

Oates is finally giving Green a chance on our top line because he is a top line defender and that's where he should be alongside Alzner.

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