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01-26-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by TZM View Post
I'm not as good as Fin9 in this stuff but here goes nothing; peace and love, let's not throw a fit in here.
Dude is going to be the next Ghandi. He was hilarious last night. Until he disappeared about halfway through the 1st.

I've made a few posts in here so far, most last night, but after a night of sleep and a bit of time to think about the game, here are my thoughts:


Heatley - I saw him lose the puck probably 3-4 times when trying to dangle around people. Guy, your speed isn't there anymore. Before, you were able to do that at a decent speed and the combination would help you out. Now, its a hindrance. You're slowing the game down to a crawl, and not in a good way. Love ya, Heater, but you gotta start doing things a bit differently.

Setoguchi - Pittsburgh seems to want him. At least, their fans do. Trade him over there in return for a guy like Despres, Morrow, or Harrington. All three are either ready for the NHL, or close to it. All are left handed guys, so it really doesn't matter to me. Morrow would be my choice if I had the option, though. Bring up Zucker in Seto's place. He'd do about as good, and it would make him even better for next year, when I think the Wild will actually be able to compete for a good playoff run.

Cullen - He won't be traded. If he was, I'd imagine it would only be to either Winnipeg or Carolina, the former because it's a bit closer to home than St Paul for him. Carolina for obvious reasons. The guy should be on the 3rd line. I am sorry, but he really should. Putting him down would get the insurance idea out of Granlund's head, and it would allow 64 to really try on the faceoff dot. Bring up PMB in Cullen's place.

PMB - Like Koivu, needs to shoot more. He tries to dump it off to Clutter or Brodz and neither are finishers, sorry. He's got space and should use it for himself more often.

Mitchell - Great speed and tenacity. I'd really like to see him on the 3rd line, where he was supposed to be anyway. But until next season at least, we have four 3rd liners in Brodziak, Clutterbuck, and Cullen. Setoguchi should probably fit there as well.

Konopka - I was expecting bigger things out of him last night, but as a 4th line guy he didn't get a whole bunch of ice time. When the Wild started playing bad in the 2nd and looked like they wanted to go home, Konopka should have gone out there and gotten a big hit or fought or done something to bring the energy back. But I can't really fault him much.

Brodin - Amazing. Really bright future.

Gilbert - Great. Far better than Schultz, imo. Good trade on Fletcher's part.

Suter - Not good, but I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I love the effort, and I know the play will pick up soon enough, but sometimes...meh. I can't blame hardly any of the goals directly on him, unlike some people on here who believe it is 100% 20's fault that half the goals happen, but whatever. It's their prerogative.

Harding - Eh. last night I was kind of pissed at the guy for some of the goals, but, like Suter, I can't really blame him for some. Most, even. I just expected more from the one guy who seems to be truly Anti-Detroit, especially coming off of his shutout performance the other night.

Way longer than I intended, but it is what it is.

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