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01-26-2013, 11:48 AM
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I think the Cole vs. Redden is getting over-discussed here. We stole Redden at that price and we are not designed to win based on 2-3 players but rather depth. Any one of our top 3 forward lines could slide into a 1 or 2 spot on any other team in the league. We don't rely on one line getting it done, but all three lines creating so much pressure and gassing our opponents and using depth to dominate.

Furthermore, look at our goalie situation. We didn't get where we got last year with one goalie, but two that fed off each other. Just look at what happened in the first Nashville game. Halak was not too hot so Elliot came in and we won the game.

The same should be said for our defense. We need the depth and the players know that. If Cole is really upset that he isn't getting that spot, he needs to harness that and play harder. If Redden is hungry for a more regular spot in the lineup, he needs to continue to show that on a regular basis.

For me, this is a great problem to have. I really believe the players have bought into this and if they want to complain, they are on the wrong team. As fans, we can evaluate and judge them all we want, but we all know what is really happening and we should try to enjoy the ride.

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