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01-26-2013, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
When I was still playing, like in HS, for more then just fun I had a crazy workout schedule. My football coaches put me on it but overall I just felt quicker in net and more confident. I did a whole lot of core stuff, lots of squats including front squats but I also did everything else too. Playing hockey/football and doing lots of cardio helped me not get huge but I still had some bulk and the strength I needed for both sports. since then I no longer play sports on a regular basis and I've all but stopped doing cardio but have maintained the weight training and have consequently gained a significant amount of weight. If i were to try and play now i would be terrible relatively speaking, not just because of the rust but because of my bulk. I guess my point is everyone is different and they have to find the right balance in their workout regimen. For me it was lots of weight training and cardio most likely more so then other goaltenders.
Before I moved to wing I had a brief attempt at goal and I felt the best way to train was to drink plenty of beer I took most of the shots in pratice and loved it. For some reason my group of pals always played sports all year long. Soccer, tennis baseball and youth keep us in shape! But being serious for a moment, like you stated, everyone is different.

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